Faculty and Staff

Kimberly D Gwinn Profile Page
Kimberly D Gwinn
Professor | Entomology and Plant Pathology
Rob Holland Jr Profile Page
Rob Holland Jr
Extension Specialist III | Center for Profitable Agriculture
David Hughes Profile Page
David Hughes
Professor | Agricultural and Resource Economics
Niki Labbe Profile Page
Niki Labbe
Professor and Assistant Director | School of Natural Resources
Mi Li Profile Page
Mi Li
Assistant Professor | School of Natural Resources
Jessica Fox McCord Profile Page
Jessica Fox McCord
Research Associate II | AgResearch Administration
Tyson Brant Raper Profile Page
Tyson Brant Raper
Associate Professor | Plant Sciences
Timothy G Rials Profile Page
Timothy G Rials
Assoc Dean & Professor | AgResearch Administration
Mitchell Dale Richmond Profile Page
Mitchell Dale Richmond
Assistant Professor | Plant Sciences
Avat Shekoofa Profile Page
Avat Shekoofa
Associate Professor | Plant Sciences
Virginia Roseanna Sykes Profile Page
Virginia Roseanna Sykes
Associate Professor | Plant Sciences
Siqun Wang Profile Page
Siqun Wang
Professor | School of Natural Resources
Toni Wang Profile Page
Toni Wang
Institute Professor | Food Science